Structural Steel

POLARKON, combining its 40 years of experience in the construction sector and 25 years of experience in steel structures, realizes qualified and special steel structure designs that exceed wide spans with both conventional steel structures and traditional construction systems together with project services. With its project group, it realizes the construction of the steel structures that it is a candidate for construction in accordance with the "Design and Built" model.

In other words, POLARKON has developed itself as an engineering company beyond a manufacturer construction company in relation to steel structures. As such, it provides engineering consultancy as well as design, manufacturing and erection services to the demanders.

Why Should You Choose Structural Steel Systems?

Steel structures, which are the pioneers of modern architecture, attract attention with their fast construction times, economic designs, durability and aesthetic possibilities. Prefabricated in factories, steel structures speed up construction projects, while the lightness of the material provides cost advantages.

Steel structures, which stand out with their earthquake-resistant ductile structure, also push aesthetic boundaries by offering a creative canvas for architects. High-precision manufacturing and smooth assembly processes make steel structures indispensable in contemporary construction projects.