Structural Steel

Polarkon combines its construction experience of as much as 40 years with the experience of 25 years steel structures , and realized long span and special steel structure along with design Services, with both conventional steel and space-frame construction systems.

It carries out the construction of steel structures for which it is candidate in accordance with the "Design and Build" model by employing its own design group. In other words, POLARKON has developed an engineering design firm far beyond than a manufacturing company as for steel structures. POLARKON can provide design, manufacturing, assembly services as well as engineering consultancy services.

Now a days architects require steel structures, large-span, double-curvature frame shell with tensioned ropes construction solutions, which are highly demanded by employers that takes important place in our activities.

POLARKON implements national and international standards and apply high engineering methods and technologies in steel structures.

  • Building safety,
  • Simplicity of production and assembly,

It has adopted the most important principle of creating optimal solutions by evaluating the total economic criteria together. For this purpose, the application practices acquired by POLARKON with its producer identity are also the most important element to find out optimal solution.

Production of all parts, in ful control environment asure the industrial production quality. All are made and certified according to standards and specifications. In additain Construction site productions and applications are strickly controlled.

Why Do We Prefer Steel Structures?

Steel structures are preferred because of their advantages they have as briefly described below.

Accordingly, Steel Structures;

Shortens the construction period with its pre-production manufacturing feature. In international literature, steel structures produced in factories are referred to as pre-engineered structures. Due to the fact that these structures are designed and manufactured in prefabricated form, they offer the employer the possibility of rapid production and installation. This means that the total construction process is time saver.

They are light and more economic compared to reinforced concrete structures. Steel structures are designed as a much lighter structure in line with the density and mechanical behavior of the material. When the project is considered as a whole and throughout the life of the building and all aspect taking into account, all direct and indirect benefits, it is seen that steel structures provide a serious economy to the building owner in long run.

They are earthquake resistant structures. Steel structures are lighter and ductile, which means that a lower earthquake load is transferred to the structure thus, there is a less earthquake risk and the structure is safer.

Architectural design is open to aesthetics and creativity. Structural steel provides unlimited creative possibilities for designers, since it can now be processed in factories in many different ways with numerically controlled production technologies create opportinuties for designers.

Since all elements are manufactured with extremely high precision with precise dimensions. Steel structural elements are industrial pre-production.Production Tolerances are in milimeter order, the assembly is usually smooth and flawless.