Envıronmental Policy

We Are Taking Green Steps For A More Colorful World.

As Polarkon; up to the end of the product creation, presentation and lifecycle, to be sustainable by increasing the environmental awareness of the people, institutions and organizations with which it interacts directly and indirectly, by preserving biodiversity by fulfilling their environmental responsibilities towards local and regional neighbors, and improvements that will continuously reduce environmental processes and products and climate change. accepts the duty to do.

At every stage of the process, starting from design in production, necessary measures are taken to evaluate and minimize the environmental impacts that may arise from the use of our products.

Necessary trainings are given to all personnel on environmental awareness. The elements that may cause environmental pollution are identified, controlled and continuously improved and prevented. Aware of the importance of recycling for the environment, wastes are recycled for recycling.

We are aware of our customers' sensitivity to environmental protection. To this end, we do not compromise on high quality and durability while offering products and solutions that make a difference. We are taking continuous steps, an even bigger step to protect the environment better. These steps can make a significant difference to the world we all share.