Maintenance and Repaır

Maintenance And Repair Services

Space frame roof structures, like all steel structures, should be monitored according to their character and maintained periodically. In addition to this, there are some special cases originating from the projects or material problems or installation mistakes and occasionally there may be some difficulties.

POLARKON has formed a maintenance crew to answer maintenance and repair requests from the property owners even if maintenance of should be done on-demand from customers on its constructions.

    • Physical examinations and evaluations
    • Measurement and assessment of structural deflection
    • Examining and assessing the bearing conditions and verifying the bearings functioning properly related to the project criterias
    • Inspection and eligibility check of building components (bars, spheres, purlins, fasteners, horizontal beam profiles)
    • If the project is available, inspecting and assessing the suitability of acquired data for the project
    • If the project is not available, building a model by taking measurements of the structure optionally, doing static analysis, evaluating the results together with the existing data
    • If requested, developing a proposal for the real-time and online monitoring of the structure for the long-term, monitoring the building behavior with PYSIS software by establishing an instrumentation and a data gathering system
    • Determination and maintenence of pyhsical condition
    • Wiping and cleaning building components,
    • Repair and maintenance of the paints and making the corrections
    • Repairing the metal coating