Examination And Maintenance Of Space Frame Roof And Steel Structures

Although space frame structures are extremely efficient and sturdy structures manufactured with an optimized and integrated advanced software and manufacturing system, they must be monitored and periodically maintained by the time.

POLARKON Metal Structures Inc. is a company that has more than 25 years of experience and successfully completed 600 projects in Turkey and abroad in design, manufacturing and assembly stages of wide span steel roofs and specifically space frame roof system POLARKON is one of the industry's leading company.

Our services cover the following with the main lines and may differ according to the condition and needs of each construction:

Locate the structiral fails and Inspection

  • Accomplishing physical examinations and Locate the problems
  • Measurement and evaluation of structural elements deflections
  • Physical examination of building components, pipes wall thickness checking the elements, compliance with the project (Bearings, rod members, spheres, purlin profiles, fasteners, coating materials, and all complementary components etc.)

Project and Evaluation Studies

  • Control of the project
  • If necessary, compare in situ analysis of the project with original design values
  • Examination and evaluation of the suitability of the available data for the project,

Maintenance And Repair Works

  • Replacement of plastic deformed or broken parts with new elements.
  • Control, maintenance, check for cleanliness and proper functioning of support mechanism. 
  • Maintenance and corrosion control, cleaning components,
  • Repair and maintenance of paints, renovation or retouching elements.
  • Maintenance and repair of damaged areas of galvanized surfaces

If requested, Structural Health Monitoring System proposal project development, monitoring of building behavior on computer with PYSİS software can be set-up by establishing instrumentation and data collection system for long-term, real-time and online monitoring of the structure.