Logıstics Systems Steelworks

Over the years, significant innovations and breakthroughs led to a greater increase of commercial, personal and business-wise transportation of goods and services in all over the world.

In order to keep up with all the complex flow and immeasurable number of products and services, world's most prestigious logistics companies require great number of facilities, HUBs and logistics centers in all over the world, especially in Germany and Western Europe.

With the help of its years of experience, know-hows and amenities, Polarkon has been one of the leading partners of multinational logistics companies in Germany in terms of supply, design, engineering and installation of various steel products.

Such products include main steel platforms, steel floorings, steel stairs, steel cages, steel ladders, steel handrails.

Main function of all the "Logistics Systems Steelworks" is to provide either supporting system for automated material handling system unit or accessibility for maintenance and operation. Structural design is carried out under the coordination with BIM model in order to prevent possible clashes due to complex geometry of the automated system, where all the remaining systems are designed during detailed design phase.

Main Steel Platforms

Structural steelwork constitutes the main framework of the structure which supports automated handling systems directly or through the flooring units. Structural steel is subject to different types of loads which are caused by either operation of machinery units or human load during maintenance works. The structural geometry as a whole is solely developed according to support and accessibility requirements of the system.

The main steel platforms also have the ability to support the secondary steel components, which are stairs, cages, ladders, handrails and gates.

Serviceability of structural system also has major impact during the structural design due to strict deflection criteria requirement of automated systems which are very sensitive against excessive deflections and vibrations. Horizontal loads are also developed during operation together with dead and live loads acting in gravitational direction.

Steel Floorings

One of the main parts of the logistics platforms, floorings can be designed and implemented with chequered plates, combi-deck, metal planks, gratings or timber floorings. Such systems are also designed according to regulations defined in ISO 14122.

Flooring system need to have minimum bearing capacity against point load acting on random position on floor which is defined by the logistics company. Any flooring system shall have minimum of 2.00 kN/m2 distributed load capacity or 1.50 kN point load capacity acting on 20.00-cm x 20.00-cm area, whichever is more critical. Common design requirements for flooring systems are 3.50 kN point load which generally governs the design with a deflection limit of 4mm. Surface of the flooring system needs to prevent slipping hazard.

Steel Stairs

Stairs are accessibility components which are used to reach platforms or catwalks at higher and/or lower elevations. All the design, engineering and fabrication of such products are carried out in accordance with the ISO 14122 requirements and specifications.

As described in the image, going (g), rise (h) and overlap (r) are the main parameters to look for in order to design and construct an internationally verified system. Stairs are composed of two inclined parallel structural member and stair treads installed in between those members.

Steel Cages & Ladders

Ladders, step ladders and cage ladders are generally used for climbing up and/or down for certain platforms where accessibility requirement is not so frequent and supported. Ladders are used to access platforms having less than 3.00-m climbing height and cage ladders are used for the same having climbing height more than 3.00-m with fall protection systems. Rungs are used as steps in ladders. Step ladders are steep stairs having approximately 65-70 degrees.

Steel Handrails

Handrails are fall protection members located on the edges of the platforms which has a minimum height of 1100.00-mm. Polarkon executes the design and fabrication details accordance with the ISO 14122.

Steel Gates

Gates are the doors in between the ladders and the platforms which have self-closing hinges mechanisms. Safety nosing is also required for the floor edges under self-closing gates. The designs, fabrications and all the technical specification in order to build the gates are coordinated and followed by ISO 14122 Standards.