Project Consultancy

POLARKON carries out design, engineering calculation, detail drawing, including-shop drawings-(modeling if necessary) and assembling services, with its design and Built model realized with its own project group.

POLARKON conducts architectural studies of the projects undartaking, coordinates with own work, provides design consultancy if desired, realizes structural designs by making structural analysis, creating solutions of relevant details and presents its total structural solution to the project, designer and / or employer by coordinating the architectural forms with space frame or steel construction.

Static projects are analyzed and static calculations are presented for approval in accordance with national and/or international specifications according to the specifications and design principles given by POLARKON's competent engineers, based on the final architectural drawings.

POLARKON design group is a highly experienced in its field. For this reason, POLARKON with its experience and knowledge does not only undertake the-structural design of constructions, from time to time, both to the private sector and to the public sector can also provide engineering design services. POLARKON has become a company that can offer the most appropriate solutions for "DESIGN – BUILD" projects with its manufacturer identity.

Consulting Services

POLARKON presents 25 years of experience in structural steel by providing consultancy services to its customers. In this context, POLARKON;

A. Design Consultancy Services.
B. Construction inspection Consulting Services

A. Design Consultancy Services.

1. From the beginning conceptional architectural design POLARKON based on its experience, preliminary design load and necessary design criteria can be serviced.
2. Provide support for the details needed for design and necessary comment if requested.
3. Performing structural preliminary solutions of the project, if desired.
4. Covers the issuances of technical specifications and inspection and test plans for the application.

B - Construction Control Consulting Services:

1. Design Control
2. Preparation of quality plans that include procurement, manufacturing and assembly processes
3. Preparation of application and inspection of technical specifications
4. Site inspection and Inspection Services
5. Investigation of existing structures, structural health problems, if exist any
6. Submit the solutions to existing problems identified

It provides engineering consulting services such as monitoring long-term construction health of structures in real time and online on a web-based platform.