Roof Structure Components

if the employer requests, POLARKON also designs and implements other building components such as roofs and facades These works are;

A - Roof and wall coverings Sandwich panel roofing and siding On-site construction insulated and clamped metal coatings Insulated membrane roofs
B - Membran Roof, facade if required, skylight constructions and glass coverings and sidings.
C - Rainwater gutters and drainage systems

Providing the above-mentioned services by POLARKON together with the main steel structure provides serious advantages and gains.

Owner choses to avoids the problem of interdisciplinary coordination by carrying out works – items in terms of details through a single company. Thus ensuring more efficient operation;

• It also allows faster design processes to be executed

• Since all design and its details are single – handed system incompatibilities that may occur in the future are prevented.

• As work goes on the site, coordination and intertvention to work schedule from main design office made possible and herefore, assembly times are reduced.

• Instead of working with many firms, the employer works more comfortably by working with one firm, thus controlling the work better.