Roof Structure Components

If clients request; POLARKON also designs and executes the construction of the other elements which are related to the roof and facade components in the projects.These works consist of;

  • Roof and Facade coatings
  • Sandwich panel roof and facade coatings
  • In-situ insulated and anchored metal coatings
  • Insulated membrane roofs
    • Roof and facade, skylights and glass coverings  
    • Rainwater drainage systems

    and significant advantages can be acquired if POLARKON constructs them alongside the main steel structure.

    In this respect, by having all interconnected items done by one firm, the client eliminates interdisciplinary coordination issues. This provides for much more efficient work;

    • And quickens the design phrase greatly.
    • As all designs and details are made from one source, this eliminates systematic inconsistencies that will occur
    • and since all work in the worksite are carried out with a coordinated and interconnected work plan, installation times would also be quicker.
    • Client company can have greater control over the project by working with one firm instead of many.

    On the other hand, since POLARKON increases its own revenue generated from the same work, it saves from the cost of fixed overheads related to the conduct of business and can offer better prices.