With the recent developments in the material production techniques, together with the improvements in calculation and design capabilities of the digital domain; engineers are being forced to develop much more extraordinary and challenging structures. All around the world, development, light weight and fast production are accepted as the modern conditions of engineering.

POLARKON is an engineering company that was established in 1995 in Ankara, in order to answer the need for the special steel structures in accordance with these changes and transformations in technology. Since the date of establishment, it has shown constant improvement and has become a leading and an expert company, especially in space frame roof structures.

In its every project, as a requirement of its own quality management system, POLARKON has accepted the highest level of engineering service with timely and budget-friendly completion as the essential vision. POLARKON includes a project office to carry out structural designs and elaboration projects.

With this distinction, POLARKON, completes the projects it undertakes with the “DESIGN AND BUILD” model by the means of Design + Consulting + Manufacturing + Installation.

POLARKON engineers all its products in accordance with the national and international standards and specifications, and performs high precision manufacturing using digitally controlled workbenches. The quality plan prepared before the manufacturing processes is meticulously applied by the POLARKON quality control experts and is recorded in accordance with the ISO quality regulations.

Since its establishment, POLARKON has operated mainly at constructing space frame roof structures and respectively monoclinal or double-pitched steel cross vaults, domes, free surface structures and tensional structures, both domestic and abroad, especially in the Middle East, Gulf Area, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Azerbaijan. Moreover, POLARKON conducts many R&D projects in different areas to improve itself and strives to convert them into Business Successes.

POLARKON actualized its structural health monitoring for critical construction projects successfully and owns a patent in the this area.

With this project POLARKON provides services for real-time and online monitoring of the structural behavior of its constructions for its clients; even after the construction ends. As POLARKON, we offer our thanks and compliments to all our clients, architects and designers, we worked with and we hope to continue working together on many more successful projects.