In parallel with the development of recent material production techniques, development of design standarts and with the help of numerical computational capabilities, engineers are forced to realize much more challenging and ambitious structures. Today, the conditions of the era is recognized as sophistication, lightness and rapid construction in the field of engineering all over the world.

POLARKON is an engineering firm founded Ankara 1995 in response to special manufactured steel structures in accordance with the change and transformation in technology. Polarkon has shown continuous progress since its establishment, and has become an expert and a leading company especially in the field of space frame roof constructions and large span steel structures.

In all of its projects , in line with its unique quality management system, POLARKON has determined accomplishing the highest level of engineering service on planed time and within its budget as an indispensable vision. POLARKON has a design office in order to carry out structural design and final shop drawings.

With this difference, POLARKON can carry out its projects according to the “DESIGN and BUİLD" model by accomplishing them with design + consulting + manufacturing + Quality control all together.

POLARKON carries out all its productions in accordance with national and desired international standards and specifications, The products produced with high precision, using numerically controlled machines. The quality plans applied prior to the production processes is carefully implemented by POLARKON quality control experts and they are recorded in accordance with the ISO quality standard.

POLARKON which has been operating in areas at home as well as abroad and especially in the Middle East and Gulf Region, in countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, in Asia, in Europa-germany, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan. İnvolved in construction such as single or double curvature steel vaults, domes, free-surface structures and tensioned structures, especially in space frame roof constructions since its establishment and has completed out important projects. In addition, POLARKON carries out R & D projects structual Health monitoring system "PYSİS" applications are also within our field of interest.

POLARKON has successfully implemented the project of monitoring the structural health of critical constructions. POLARKON owns a patent in this field.

With "PYSİS", POLARKON can also provide post-construction services to its customers for real-time and online monitoring of the structural behaviors of the constructions. As POLARKON, we thank all our designers, architects and customers who have provided us with the opportunity to carry out business, we do hope realizing more challenging projects in coming days.