Soma Thermal Power Plant Coal Field Hall-2 and Hall-3

In the related activity reports and recent statistical studies, it can be noticed that thermal power plants have a share of 39% in energy production in our country. Coal as a crucial resource material of thermal power plants should be used very effectively to get maximum benefit in terms of operation and maintenance costs and above all to the national economy.

For this purpose, coal stock fields of approximately 30,000 m² (Hall-2 and Hall-3) owned by Manisa-Soma Thermal Power Plant Authority were evaluated and decided to cover with space frame systems due to its economical advantages and all design, engineering, manufacturing and installation works were carried out by POLARKON.

The existing stock fields, which have critical span of 96 m, were covered with space frame system. Thus, environmental pollution has been prevented and stocked coal has been protected from outdoor conditions to achieve high efficiency.


Location / Date

Manisa / 2019

Applied Systems

Space Frame Roofing Constructions

Total Area Covered

30.000 m²


KOLIN Construction INC.