SOMA Coal-Fıred Thermal Power Plant Stock Hall 2 - 3

Barrel-Vault Space Frame System

Stock halls project of Soma Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plant were covered by space frame sheds. Design works, detail engineering, fabricating, cladding and erection works have been carried out by POLARKON.

Prefabricated double layered barrel-vault Stock Hall structure’sgeneral layout dimensions from transverse to longitudinal directions are 96 m to 72 m,respectively which is one module of total four vaults. Ridge height is 40 meter from slab on grade to top chord.

Total surface area for one block is 9,036 m2 and covered whole area is 36,144 m2. The most critical part of the project was designing such a long span with an economical solution and erecting whole structure while operation continues.

Since,stacker/reclaimer machine and its foundations were already placed, POLARKON had to undertake huge risk and complete erections work while assembling space frame system onto it.

In a short delivery time and winter conditions POLARKON have been finished all mandatory actions as taken into consideration for the thermal reactor’s operational requests.




Completion Duration

5 Months

Total Area Covered

36,144 m2


Kolin Construction