Sıf Automotıve Jcb Ankara Headouarter Buıldıng

Operational in sales and marketing local company of JCB Construction Machineries Ltd. SIF OTOMOTİV, contracted the construction of a buildingtoourmain contractorfirm, ARER A.Ş. Put into service in 2013, the building has been used as headquarters and service facility for Ankara Province.

POLARKON itself achieved all the task of post-reinforced concrete works, roof and facade construction, cladding works. Space frame roof is easily noticeable as of structural attribute adding an architectural signature to the construction, and its arrangement as bearer of glass cover on the facade improves spatial quality of entrance hail.

Our loyalty to modern, environmentally-friendly and sustainability principles may be observed in arrangement of glass curtain (trombe) wall on construction’ Southern facade. İt was constructed and certificated in accordance with LEED certification criteria


Polarkon conceptualizes, manufactures with due diligence, and erects entirely pre-fabricated space frame structures using its experts teams. Polarkon finalized shell structure with cladding and facade works on time by sustaining a high level of quality on each phase of production and erection. We at SIF-JCB are extremely satisfied by their works, and here by present our thanks.


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