Şanlıurfa GAP Arena Indoors Sports Complex

POLARKON space cage roof systems were preferred for the construction of the type of sports halls with the size of 5000 x 63 m, which is one of the most ambitious projects of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. 2 of these halls were built in Adapazarı and Şanlıurfa and opened in 2013. The defining feature of the architectural characteristic of the building; is that it has a cross-vault roof form with a span of 63 m x 63 m in both directions. The roof was designed and constructed as a space cage in these dimensions. Its main feature is that it has an arch effect with the calculation that it will show structural behavior together with the reinforced concrete structure and in this way it has passed a large span with a roof depth of 380cm.


At the project stage; The project group has made a successful start in harmony with us, with the production of alternative solutions, timely inclusion in the requested revisions, and the speed and seriousness they brought to the project flow. The assembly team, engineer, team member and all of the staff worked with our site group in harmony, leaving the impression of an "extraordinary team" without any problems. It will be an honor for us to work in our other projects in the future.


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