Marriott Executive Apartments Swimming Pool And Multipurpose Area

Outdoor swimming pool at Marriott Executive Apartments that is currently in service in Ethiopia Addis Ababa, hosts several multi-purpose activities of the hotel besides being used as a pool.

Multipurpose area is covered partially with a transparent roof system that is uncovered over the pool as it has high rate of precipitation under the local climate conditions. In this way, it is aimed to increase the periods of use and the service facilities of the structure.

The principal reasons of preferring SPACE FRAME SYSTEM as main structural system are its lightweight and being prefabricated construction that has possibility to transferred by means of only manpower to the construction area which is approximately 1000 m2 and located amongst the existing and crowded settlement has no possibility of crane access.

Installation has been successfully completed without any problem and within the planned timescale under the coordination of POLARKON FZE that is one of Polarkon’s agency in Dubai. The pool has found its new image by completion of installation works within just 20 days and enabled the hotel to organize new events.