Krone Doğuş Traıler Factory

The investment was planned in İzmir Tire Organized Industrial Zone, 22.000m2 area in total, and the construction of the space frame roof has been designed and done by POLARKON. Free spans are in the range of 21-22 m and manufacturing and installation of the work is completed within a short period of 4 months with the faultless and perfect coordination plans provided by the worksite. Installation works were carried out at the highest level of work safety methods. Two mobile cranes and one mobile basket were continuously used and the safety net was extended over the installation areas.


We have been able to work together with the POLARKON firm during the construction of the trailer factory that we built for the Krone-Doğuş in İzmir-Tire Organized Industrial Zone in 2008. As a result of our mutual shifts since the project phase of our Design and Build project, we are pleased to announce our joy at meeting your company and working together.


MŞB İnşaat A.Ş / Krone Doğuş Proje Müdürü