Kıng Faısal Unı. Mosque Dome

The dome of the mosque project located at King Faysal University Campus in Dammam, Saudi Arabia is designed as a spherical dome. Support system of the dome was manufactured by POLARKON as a steel space frame. The diameter of the dome is 32.5 m and the geometric form is a half-cube. Since the dome was to be covered by a pre-fabricated modular ferro concrete shell, the space frame structure was designed to carry covering loads of 375 kg/m2.


As Al-Muallem Gen. Cont. Est. Co., we have had the opportunities to work together on various space frame projects with POLARKON in Dammam region since 2009. We have seen POLARKON’s extensive support from design to installation phrases in all our projects. We are sure; we will see the same success we have seen in almost 10 projects that we have completed together so far in all our future projects.

Mohammed Ali ALMUALEM

Al Mualem Gen Cont. Est. K.S.A.