İzmit Brıdge Crossıngs

Within the route of Istanbul-İzmir Highway, the Izmit Gulf be connected with Dilovası region in the north and Altınova region in the south by Izmit Bridge which will be a suspended bridge having 2682m. length.

The implementation of the structural health monitoring systems during the construction phases was made in 2013-2014 by our partner Strainstall company. The bridge construction contractor is the Japanese IHI compan and, the electrical contract subcontractor SIEMENS, and the structural health monitoring project is carried out by SIEMENS within the scope of electrical works.

In the scope of monitoring, relative and absolute consolidation amounts and strain values in ascending pylons are tracked and recorded. The latest technology “Fiber Bragg Grating” fiber optic sensors are used in tension measurements. Consolidation sensors set up with a special type of sensor, which measures the water table base, and is fixed at the reference point of the sea bottom. The sensor values ​​are updated every hour and can be continuously monitored with an internet based software